I suppose Mark Twain would’ve been considered a radical in his time, and even today he’d be politically incorrect, but he made a lot of sense.

In this time of political rhetoric and promises, it’s refreshing to hear some voices crying out for politics NOT as usual.  It’s time for a change – not the kind we were promised in the last two presidential elections, but a total house cleaning.  Time to declutter and get rid of the dead weight.  Those who have spent a lifetime in politics need to move on to something else.  They obviously aren’t doing a whole lot of good where they are.

We’re living in a time of chaos.  Our Constitution has been revised, dishonored and spat upon.  Our morality is at an all time low.  Christian values are looked upon as old fashioned and not necessary.  Technology has changed the complexion of communication so much that we don’t even talk to each other anymore.  Our law enforcement is looked upon with disdain while criminals are not admonished for wrong doing.  All the accomplishments of Martin Luther King and others like him have been dismantled.  Bad is good and good is bad.  It seems as though everything is upside down.

It’s time for a big change – mostly a change in attitude by Americans.  Many of us grew up in a time when patriotism was still alive.  It needs to be re-kindled.  Our flame will slowly die out if we don’t do something about it and the choice we make for a presidential candidate, who wants the old America back, is critical.



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  1. Amen to all you’ve said–it is so frustrating, especially to those of us who have seen things in the past and know how it was and how it all could be, but sadly won’t be. . .so many advancements which have been thought to be cutting edge and life changing and streamlining have actually taken away so much of what made us, us. . .

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